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Are People Really That Stupid?

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

I was watching a documentary about supposedly Britain’s Fattest Family, mother, father and two daughters aged 19 and 22. With the amount that we are constantly bombarded on the TV, in newspapers and magazines about what is, and what isn’t healthy to eat…I find it hard to believe that there are people still out there who are so completely ignorant about food.

When asked to “name a low calorie food” the mother of the family replied…..”Trifle” seriously…What!?!

No wonder her height is 60 inches and her waist measurement is also 60 inches. But it got me wondering why these people know nothing about nutrition and why I do know enough. I can’t remember being taught it at school and I can’t remember my mother, who is the one of the world’s worst cooks anyway, telling me about protein, carbohydrates, fats (good and bad), vitamins and minerals – so where did I learn it?

The father wasn’t much better. His answer for low calorie food was “Lettuce” which is perfectly correct, but was the only thing he could think of. If eating a low calorie diet meant (to him) eating nothing but lettuce, is it any wonder he is overweight – morbidly obese actually.

The two girls have been shipped off to a fat camp for a few weeks where they are exercising, eating a low calorie diet and being taught about nutrition and have made a good start losing 7-9 pounds each the first week. Good for them!

There are so many kids around nowadays that are anything from a bit chubby to grossly overweight, and it’s not the kids fault. I always blamed the parents and thought they must be deliberately feeding their kids badly. But maybe they just don’t know! They could be trying to do the best for their kids and when they see they are putting on weight they put them on a low calorie diet of….Trifle!