I Love Jedward!

“I’m John, I’m Edward and together we are John and Edward!” From the first time I saw them in the first auditions for the X-Factor I loved the Irish twin boys, John and Edward. The whole way through the show they were so funny, so entertaining and just seemed like really nice, likeable lads. The hate campaign the media launched against them was shocking, but they never let it get them down.

I don’t think anybody, not me and certainly not them, thought they would win the show and the million pound recording contract with Simon Cowell and of course they didn’t. But they went out gracefully and thankfully, taking no notice of their detractors or the morons in the audience who booed them every week. The amount of courage it must take to go out onto that stage week after week in front of the live audience and the TV cameras is amazing and anyone in the audience who boos the performers (booing the judges is allowed!) should be evicted from the building.

But who’s have the last laugh now? Jedward’s appearance on the British Television Awards, performing their new single and accompanied by Vanilla Ice was wonderful. They were just 18 when they went on X-Factor and are just 19 now. They are still not world class singers but they are great entertainers and they deserve every bit of their success.

Yes, there were certainly better singers on the X-Factor. Yes, it was probably right that Joe won, even if he is boring and even if Olly and Daniel were both more entertaining than him. But John and Edward are in a class of their own for entertainment value and once they went out of the show it lost something. I am cheering you on boys!


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