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The Weird Things People Use to Lose Weight

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

The Weird Things People Use to Lose Weight

Some people will try almost anything to lose weight, just as long as it doesn’t involve eating less or actually getting up from the couch and doing some exercise. It seems like nearly every day there is some other new weird and wonderful gadget that claims it will get rid of the fat and tone you up with little or no effort on your part.

Seen recently – a strange sort of machine like a platform with handlebars, that you either stand on, or lie down and just put your feet on, and it vibrates. That’s it. How does standing on a vibrating platform tone up your muscles? And doesn’t it destroy your joints and your bones being shaken up like that?

Liposuction knickers – these passion-killer pants extend from the waist to the knee and are made out of the same stuff as wetsuits. They are supposed to work by using heat, pressure and massage to reduce the fat around you nether regions. Nah!

Sauna Suits – these look like the worst examples of 80s shell suits and are designed to make you sweat more during exercise. Of course you actually have to be doing the exercise in the first place and last time I checked, what you actually sweat out during exercise is water, not fat, so I can’t see how these can do you any good at all.

A talking skipping rope – that nags you to skip faster! I can see me throwing that one right across the room within the first 2 minutes.

I quite fancy the space hopper, had one when I was a kid along with a pogo stick, whatever happened to them? The weighted hula hoop might be worth a try too although for die-hard couch potatoes the skipping rope, space hopper and hula hoop are all too much like hard work.