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What Do We Do Without Electricity?

Friday, September 24th, 2010

Today my power is going to be off for around 4 hours…what the heck do I do with the time?

Normally I would go and visit a friend or my mother but because the electricians are working here and they need my input, I have to stay in the house. I could clean the house, but how much cleaning can you do without power, plus they are making dust as they work so it would pretty much be a waste of time anyway.

My laptop will probably keep running for a couple of hours on battery backup, but that still gives me at least 2 hours with no computer, no TV and as it’s an unusually dark winter day, very little light. That pretty much rules out reading as well…unless I read by torchlight which would be a bit weird!

Isn’t it amazing how we are so totally dependent on something that has only been around for a relatively short period of time? How did our great-grandparents manage? I suppose the thing is that they never had electricity so they didn’t miss it. They could work, cook, clean and generally live without it.

Just thought of a plan – I can spend the entire 2 hours talking on the phone. It will have to be my cellphone as the house phone won’t work once the power goes off. I can call all the people I have been meaning to speak to for ages but that I never get around to. I can call in all the complaints I have been meaning to make, all the bills I have been meaning to sort out and all the appointments I should have arranged long ago. Just one problem, my cellphone battery is low and I don’t have time to charge it up before the power goes off!