Are People Really That Stupid?

December 8th, 2010

I was watching a documentary about supposedly Britain’s Fattest Family, mother, father and two daughters aged 19 and 22. With the amount that we are constantly bombarded on the TV, in newspapers and magazines about what is, and what isn’t healthy to eat…I find it hard to believe that there are people still out there who are so completely ignorant about food.

When asked to “name a low calorie food” the mother of the family replied…..”Trifle” seriously…What!?!

No wonder her height is 60 inches and her waist measurement is also 60 inches. But it got me wondering why these people know nothing about nutrition and why I do know enough. I can’t remember being taught it at school and I can’t remember my mother, who is the one of the world’s worst cooks anyway, telling me about protein, carbohydrates, fats (good and bad), vitamins and minerals – so where did I learn it?

The father wasn’t much better. His answer for low calorie food was “Lettuce” which is perfectly correct, but was the only thing he could think of. If eating a low calorie diet meant (to him) eating nothing but lettuce, is it any wonder he is overweight – morbidly obese actually.

The two girls have been shipped off to a fat camp for a few weeks where they are exercising, eating a low calorie diet and being taught about nutrition and have made a good start losing 7-9 pounds each the first week. Good for them!

There are so many kids around nowadays that are anything from a bit chubby to grossly overweight, and it’s not the kids fault. I always blamed the parents and thought they must be deliberately feeding their kids badly. But maybe they just don’t know! They could be trying to do the best for their kids and when they see they are putting on weight they put them on a low calorie diet of….Trifle!

What Do We Do Without Electricity?

September 24th, 2010

Today my power is going to be off for around 4 hours…what the heck do I do with the time?

Normally I would go and visit a friend or my mother but because the electricians are working here and they need my input, I have to stay in the house. I could clean the house, but how much cleaning can you do without power, plus they are making dust as they work so it would pretty much be a waste of time anyway.

My laptop will probably keep running for a couple of hours on battery backup, but that still gives me at least 2 hours with no computer, no TV and as it’s an unusually dark winter day, very little light. That pretty much rules out reading as well…unless I read by torchlight which would be a bit weird!

Isn’t it amazing how we are so totally dependent on something that has only been around for a relatively short period of time? How did our great-grandparents manage? I suppose the thing is that they never had electricity so they didn’t miss it. They could work, cook, clean and generally live without it.

Just thought of a plan – I can spend the entire 2 hours talking on the phone. It will have to be my cellphone as the house phone won’t work once the power goes off. I can call all the people I have been meaning to speak to for ages but that I never get around to. I can call in all the complaints I have been meaning to make, all the bills I have been meaning to sort out and all the appointments I should have arranged long ago. Just one problem, my cellphone battery is low and I don’t have time to charge it up before the power goes off!

The Weird Things People Use to Lose Weight

May 3rd, 2010

The Weird Things People Use to Lose Weight

Some people will try almost anything to lose weight, just as long as it doesn’t involve eating less or actually getting up from the couch and doing some exercise. It seems like nearly every day there is some other new weird and wonderful gadget that claims it will get rid of the fat and tone you up with little or no effort on your part.

Seen recently – a strange sort of machine like a platform with handlebars, that you either stand on, or lie down and just put your feet on, and it vibrates. That’s it. How does standing on a vibrating platform tone up your muscles? And doesn’t it destroy your joints and your bones being shaken up like that?

Liposuction knickers – these passion-killer pants extend from the waist to the knee and are made out of the same stuff as wetsuits. They are supposed to work by using heat, pressure and massage to reduce the fat around you nether regions. Nah!

Sauna Suits – these look like the worst examples of 80s shell suits and are designed to make you sweat more during exercise. Of course you actually have to be doing the exercise in the first place and last time I checked, what you actually sweat out during exercise is water, not fat, so I can’t see how these can do you any good at all.

A talking skipping rope – that nags you to skip faster! I can see me throwing that one right across the room within the first 2 minutes.

I quite fancy the space hopper, had one when I was a kid along with a pogo stick, whatever happened to them? The weighted hula hoop might be worth a try too although for die-hard couch potatoes the skipping rope, space hopper and hula hoop are all too much like hard work.

I Love Jedward!

March 8th, 2010

“I’m John, I’m Edward and together we are John and Edward!” From the first time I saw them in the first auditions for the X-Factor I loved the Irish twin boys, John and Edward. The whole way through the show they were so funny, so entertaining and just seemed like really nice, likeable lads. The hate campaign the media launched against them was shocking, but they never let it get them down.

I don’t think anybody, not me and certainly not them, thought they would win the show and the million pound recording contract with Simon Cowell and of course they didn’t. But they went out gracefully and thankfully, taking no notice of their detractors or the morons in the audience who booed them every week. The amount of courage it must take to go out onto that stage week after week in front of the live audience and the TV cameras is amazing and anyone in the audience who boos the performers (booing the judges is allowed!) should be evicted from the building.

But who’s have the last laugh now? Jedward’s appearance on the British Television Awards, performing their new single and accompanied by Vanilla Ice was wonderful. They were just 18 when they went on X-Factor and are just 19 now. They are still not world class singers but they are great entertainers and they deserve every bit of their success.

Yes, there were certainly better singers on the X-Factor. Yes, it was probably right that Joe won, even if he is boring and even if Olly and Daniel were both more entertaining than him. But John and Edward are in a class of their own for entertainment value and once they went out of the show it lost something. I am cheering you on boys!

Biggest Loser

August 8th, 2009

I just read this in a newspaper –

“Every year millions of people make a New Year’s resolution to lose weight. In fact, weight loss is the number one goal for 75% of adults; but most have given up by the end of the month.”

I read it and read it again! 75% of adults have weight loss as the #1 goal! How sad is that…really. Yes I could do with losing a bit of weight, not a huge amount but I hope that if anyone ever asked me what my number one goal in life was – weight loss would not even be up there in the top 10.

One of my favourite TV shows is Biggest Loser – I don’t care if it’s the USA, Australia or UK versions, I just love it. It is so inspiring to see these morbidly obese people completely turn their lives around. I especially love the finale when all the competitors get back together and you can see how well they have done from start to finish. Fantastic entertainment value.

Like I said, I could do with losing a few pounds, ok ….about 20 pounds. I know what I need to do is exercise more, but there is always a work deadline to meet and finding the time to get out of the house can be a problem. So I got an exercise bike…now it sits in the corner of the office glaring at me. But twice a day I get up from my computer chair put on some music, climb on the bike and pedal away furiously for a few minutes, then get back to work.

I can’t say that I have noticed any difference yet, my jeans still feel just as tight, but I actually quite enjoy my little exercise “breaks” and it certainly isn’t doing me any harm.